Thursday, February 13, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hearts, Hearts everywhere in the 
education wing.  The kids sang,
listened to stories and told
stories about God's Love.
The strongest Love of all!

We drew paper heart pictures, we cut
out paper heart decorations and
Science time was about making
a stethoscope to listen to our
hearts in our bodies. 
Our special visitor was Nurse Ali.
She shared lots of heart healthy tips.

Thanks to all our parents for the
super Valentine parties.

Love to All!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Hearts and Flowers

We are celebrating the month of 
love with hearts and flowers!
Love is growing in Pathways!

We used noodles and paint dobbers
to decorate hearts on Tuesday.

H is for Heart!

We used food again to count
and make an octopus.

Happy Hippos :)

Hearts arrived in our
sensory table this month.

Our Play-Doh station
also has hearts.

We even made heart collages in the art area.

We had fun making a puzzle!

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Pink Day

We started off the month of
February celebrating Pink Day,
learning about music and
getting some exercise!
Pink Day fun!

So happy we were able to
enjoy a day of spring before
 winter roared back in!

In Pre-K Extended Day, we
 enjoyed the parachute for our
 Fitness and Movement Class.

First Year Preschool classes had the
 opportunity to learn about the pipe
 organ in church thanks to Mr. Justin!

“Hands on” learning about 
the beautiful instrument!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

January Journals

Our monthly books had to
do with the wintry weather.
We write books every month in Pathways.

In these snowflake books the kids
talked about what makes them special or
what they like to do outside in the snow.

We asked the kids what they know
about Eskimos for this book.

How do you make a snowman?
That was the subject of this book.

What do you use to make it?

Thursday we made a forest scene.
The snow was created with bubble wrap.

The story inside was about which animals
like winter and what they do outside.

We popped the extra bubble wrap to have
fun and work on our fine motor skills! 

We decorated some warm
winter socks on Friday.

What is your favorite sock?
Why do you wear socks?
These are topics that may have
shown up in your sock book!

We had fun playing games!