Thursday, August 6, 2020

Western Week

Yee Haw! We had a boot scootin'
wild west time in Room 4 this week!

We made boots for our craft.

We learned how to lasso!

Of course we had to bale the hay.

Some letters "went to jail" in
this sound matching game.

The sheriff came to town and
we made new badges.

We cut them out, frosted
and decorated.

We made a cactus craft for
our wild west town.

Pin the mustache on the cow!

Learning to line dance!

"Don't break my heart..."

...and you can always throw
in a "yee haw!"

We made Cowboy Chili
in the sensory table.

Room 2 had lots of sensory
fun this week as well!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Community Helpers

We saluted our community
helper heroes last week!
We made police cars on Tuesday.
We made police cars on Tuesday.

We talked about who is 
a "Community Helper."

Firetrucks were our snack.

We "put out the fire" to play
a number matching game.

Thursday there was another
fire we had to put out!

Hurry!  Put out Number 3!

We made ambulances, too.

Traffic lights were our yummy snack.

We played "Red Light, Green
Light" in the gym.

We played a game to match
the description of different
Community Helpers.