Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A Trip to the Ocean

The Adventure Club took
a trip to the Ocean last week!
We saw jellyfish at the beach! 

We made a jellyfish snack, too.

We learned about jellyfish and many other
things through our ocean books.

Thursday we made a crab craft
using our hand prints.

Here is our "ocean in a bottle".

See the waves?

The beach came to Resurrection
in our ocean sensory table.

We made special sand "play doh".

We saw what we could find in the ocean tub.

We played a game of toss with
some stuffed ocean friends. 

We experimented with water beads.

Everyone has been looking
forward to our outside water day!

It was a great time both days!

We had a water balloon toss.

Popsicle snack outside.

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