Thursday, July 11, 2019

Pet Palooza

Our favorite friends from
home came to school with
us this week!

We celebrated our pets and specials animals.

They were taken care
of in the Vet Center.

Everyone brought a friend and got to tell about it.

Tuesday we made a cat.

Some kids chose to make a dog.

Thursday we decorated a frame.

Inside the frame we put a picture
with our favorite stuffed friend.

We washed the little animals
at the Pet Wash.

We played "Feed the Dog".
Other little animals were
treated at the medical center.

Paw print cupcakes were
on the menu Tuesday.

Thursday we made the paw prints again
because we thought they were so fun.

We also had dog bones
(Scooby Snacks).

Tuesday we took a trip to see the
chickens at the house by church.

Thursday Miss Mallory brought
her therapy dog, Harlow.

Harlow will visit hospitals to
cheer up sick patients.

She has learned lots of tricks!

We got to pet her if we wanted.

We each got a turn to give her a treat.

Thank you for coming to see us
Miss Mallory and Harlow!!

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