Tuesday, November 29, 2022


 We've spent the last couple
weeks in Pathways talking
about Thanksgiving and
what that means to us.

The Monday of the full
week before Thanksgiving
we made nature books.

We went on a nature walk to explore
the wonderful world around us
and see what we could find.

When we got back from our walk
we put our special collections
in the books we made.

We are thankful for God's beautiful world!

That Tuesday we made
turkeys using our fine motor
skills to fold the feathers.

Wednesday we colored Turkey hats
and talked about the things we
are thankful for.

We are thankful for
our friends and family!

On our special cooking day
we created a turkey pizza. 

Friday our handprints were
used to make the feathers
on this turkey.

The Monday of the holiday
week we made butter!

The kids took turns shaking a
mason jar filled with heaving
whipping cream.

We checked our progress...
not butter yet!

After a lot of shaking,
we made butter!!

We ate our delicious butter
with some crackers. 

We talked about Thanksgiving dinner
and our favorite foods.

The last day before the
holiday break we got to
build with cranberries
and toothpicks.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022


 We’ve had a busy November
 learning what it means to be Thankful.

The Preschool classes 
learned how the first
 Thanksgiving started.  

In chapel we were given
 sticky notes to
“never forget Jesus loves us!”

We had fun dancing to 
Thanksgiving themed songs. 

Stretching and moving to a Thanksgiving story. 

In music class, Mr. Justin 
taught us about xylophones
 and gave us a chance to play them!

We feasted on pizza and fruit
 while we talked about
our Thanksgiving plans.

We met Chef Combo who 
taught us about eating healthy
 and good nutrition.