Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Pizza Feast

We are thankful for all
of God's blessings,
especially those in the 
gift of your children. Have
a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Pizza Feast put smiles on all of
the preschoolers as we gave thanks
and enjoyed a special treat.

The preschoolers met a puppet named
Chef Combo that taught them about
dairy and eating healthy.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

It's really feeling like Fall
and we made some 
seasonal crafts in Pathways.

The leaves have been beautiful
recently!  We talked about the
changing colors as we made
these hedgehogs.

Watch out for these scarecrows!

Jesus loves us and His
light is shining through
these stained glass crosses.

We made squirrels for Brown Day.

Thursday we used 
feathers for the tail.

Friday we made a Pilgrim squirrel.

We have been practicing
our cutting skills. 

Learning our colors and
shapes with a game of BINGO.


One of our table activities,

Letter matching.

Coloring in our free time.
Puzzle time.

Building in the
transportation center.

Getting outside while we still can!