Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Blue Day

 The preschoolers had
their first Color Day of
the year last week.

We learned all about the color BLUE!

We made these awesome blue hats.

We painted an ocean with blue paint.

We sorted bears into
their color groups.

We all had fun wearing
our blue clothes.

We talked about things
that are blue.

We learned a song 
about the color BLUE.

Happy Blue Day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

First Year Preschoolers

 Our First Year Preschoolers
have had a busy couple weeks!

We are adjusting to
 a new room or even a
new school.  There is lots
of excitement!

Every day we get
to do a fun craft.

Skills are being expanded or learned,
such as using scissors.

In Science Time we
do experiments!

During Chapel we learn all about
God's love for us.

Snack Time is a favorite :)

During Free Play time we use
our imaginations, learn to
share and make friends.

As we travel to different activities,
we learn how to walk in a line.

Playing outside or in the gym
gives us a chance to work
on our gross motor skills.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Room 6

 Our First Experience room
has had a great first week!

We start the day with play!

After a little while we load
up and head to the gym.

After gym time we have a
snack and then songs and stories.

After more play time we have lunch.

We get tired after a full day
and take a nap!