Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Last week of Summer Camp!

Our last theme was Transportation as we 

Sailed Away with the end of Summer.

We munched on sailboat snacks.

We floated away in hot air balloons.

We listened to a story about trains.

We matched patterns of vehicles.

We matched vehicles to the
 mode of transportation.

Play-Doh vehicles.

We made and decorated a boat.

We made a car to eat!

We celebrated the end of summer 
with outside water fun!

We had perfect weather both days!

Popsicles were a fun treat
on the playground.

It was a great summer!

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Dinosaur Days

 Rawr! It's Dinosaur Week!

We went back in time for
our dinosaur adventure.

Different shapes were used 
to make dinosaurs.

Our special friends were named.

The activity table went prehistoric.

We searched for fossils.

Our fossil hunt was also
an alphabet matching game.

We also made our own
fossils with Play-Doh.

How tall are you in dinosaur feet?

We read some dinosaur stories.

We learned about some
current day reptiles.

Snakes were made with
bubble wrap.

We had a froggie snack.

Thursday we made turtles
using a potato masher.

We also made a turtle snack.

We had a special send off for our
friends going to Kindergarten.

Yum - Menchie's frozen yogurt!

Good Luck next year!