Thursday, October 31, 2019

Halloween Parties

The Preschool Classes trick-or-treated
 to the church office and sang
 Halloween songs for them.

Halloween snacks and spooky crafts!

We had a SPOOK-tacular
 time playing games!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween Books

It was our week to write
books in Pathways and 
most of them were
about Halloween.
We started the week talking about birds.

What birds have you seen in your yard
or maybe the zoo?

We used our knuckles to
 make a pumpkin.

In the book we wrote how many
pumpkins we have at home, if we
have carved one yet, or what
we know about pumpkins.

Wednesday we made Mummy Books.

We talked about what we are
going to be for Halloween.

Thursday we made "Ghost in
the Window" books.

We wrote about Halloween subjects
 like haunted houses, ghosts
 and trick-or-treating.

Friday we made a different
kind of ghosts.

We wrote about what we might
 be doing over the weekend - maybe
 a Trunk-or-Treat?
Happy Halloween!