Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cooking Up Fun

In the Preschool Bonus Room
we played with our Food!
Monday the kids scooped in the
ingredients to make apple pie.

Tuesday we got to see the popcorn
popper in action and add our own toppings.

We also worked on our cutting skills by
making our own popcorn craft.

Wednesday we made cookies and took turns
stirring and adding ingredients.

The kids rolled the dough into balls to put into the oven.

Thursday we got sticky making traffic lights.

We talked about what the colors mean.

Friday we shaped bread dough into our first initial.

Then our chefs brushed on butter and sprinkled
on salt for the finishing touch.

We took a break from cooking
to do a little bowling.

We have also been getting outside
on all these beautiful days.

The Preschool Prep Room kids have been
working on  their fine motor skills
with block building.

We have also been having fun
playing with Play-Doh.

We made a Puffy Fish craft.

Working on stacking.

Play time!

Tea party in the First Experience Room.

Snack buddies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Preschool Fire Department Visit

The fire department came to 
Preschool this week.
What fun we had!
Learning about fire safety.

Checking out all the equipment.

We even got to climb into the fire truck!

Friday, September 23, 2016

This Week's Preschool Highlight

Mrs. Kroutil's Pre-K class worked on the letter Bb this week by practicing the sound, guessing our clues from our ABC sound box and lessons on our learn pads. We finished our week by painting fire trucks and learning about fire safety before our big visit from the Mehlville Fire Department.
Practicing our letter Bb
Guessing our clues from our ABC sound box

Working on our learn pads

Featuring our one of a kind fire trucks

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