Thursday, September 26, 2019

Music Class

Music, music, music...
What a great time we
have in music class.
We dance, we sing, we play instruments
and learn about the world of music.

Wouldn't you like to join us?

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

September Scribes

In Pathways we had our 
writing theme last week.
Each month we write books.

Monday we wrote about
 our favorite apples,
worms, and fall cooking.

In our sensory table we can make apple pie!

Tuesday our books were
 silly shape monsters.

We wrote about our favorite shape.

Wednesday we made hot air balloons.

Inside the "basket" we wrote if we had ever
seen a hot air balloon, if we would want to
 go up in one, and if we were going to 
Forest Park for the Balloon Glow or Race.

Thursday we made a fox book.

Our story was about what animals we see
 in autumn, how the weather changes
 or what happens to the trees.

Friday we made popsicle books.

We either wrote about our favorite
 popsicles or about the cooking that
was done in preschool that day.

We work on our numbers.

Building with blocks in
 the transportation area.

Building castles outside.

Truck train!

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Apple Crisp

Easy apple crisp was on the
menu this week in preschool.
We crushed graham crackers,
measured apple filling,
and topped it off with
whipped cream. Yum!

We always wash our hands before we eat!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Painting Week

We had our first color day
and made "food" 
last week in Pathways.
We have weekly themes in Pathways -
last week was "Paint-it" week.

We "cooked" spaghetti on Monday.  In preschool
 they learned about place settings!

Tuesday we painted our favorite fruit.

On 9/11 we made a hand print flag.

Our first Color Days were Thursday and Friday.

B is for Blue!

Preschool learned about Humpty
Dumpty, so Pathways extended the
lesson by painting blue eggs.

We also colored real eggs (hard boiled, of course!).

Some of us ate eggs for our snack.

We work on improving our
memory with games.

We can learn colors and numbers
with these matching cows. 

Magna Tiles help with building skills.

We play in the gym if it rains or is too hot or cold out.

We love to get outside when we can!