Tuesday, January 29, 2019

January Journalists

It was our monthly journaling 
time in Pathways as we 
wrote about wintry topics.
We cut out snowflakes and decorated them.

Inside the book we wrote about opposites,
such as cold and hot or day and night.

Wednesday we made these cute penguins
and wrote everything we know about them.

Thursday we made mugs of hot chocolate!

For the book we wrote IF we liked hot
chocolate and if we did, HOW we liked it.

Friday we learned about Eskimos.

We wrote books about Eskimos or a lot of
 the kids chose to write what they did
 for pajama day in preschool that morning!

We played an alphabet activity game.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Heart Health

The preschoolers had a unit
on heart health this week.
We talked about healthy food, exercising,
good habits and our hearts.

We are working hard to
be happy and healthy!

Friday, January 25, 2019

PJ Day

We enjoyed making "Bear Waffles"
for snack during PJ Day.  We also
watched "Arthur's Sleepover" 
to end our special day.

Bear Waffles: bananas for the ears and cheeks and
chocolate chips for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Cold Weather Cooking

Snow fell in Pathways on Monday!  Pretzels and
marshmallows were used to make snowflakes.

We built snowmen later in the week.

These were made with bananas
and some other snacks.


These snowmen were made
with pizza ingredients.

We created penguins another day.

Friday we made birds keeping warm on their nest.

During the week we also
did other winter activities.

We measured how tall
each child is in mittens.

Then they colored
themselves at that height.

We made and played in "snow".

The kids drew the letters of their names in the snow.

They also made snowmen.

The kids in the Preschool Prep Room got
 in on the fun of playing in the snow as well!