Monday, August 23, 2021

Island Time

 Our last week of
 Summer Camp
was spent in the Islands!

We created either grass skirts or tikis.

For our Tuesday snack we made
 a fish out of watermelon.

The islands came alive with palm trees.

Water colors were used
 for the ocean.

A fork was used to paint the
palm branches.

We sprinkled on some sand
for the beach.

We made a palm tree for our snack, too.

We used apples, pretzels and Whoppers.

What's a trip to the islands
 without some swimming?

Our last Water Day
was lots of fun!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

World Travels

 Our bags are packed! 
We left Japan and are 
heading out to more 
international locations.

Our suitcases are ready to roll!

We started out decorating
our suitcases. 

Then we picked out clothes
to pack inside.

A ticket was selected for
where we wanted to go.

Ready for an adventure!

How do you want to travel - by
car, plane, train?

Transportation Play-Doh shapes.

Travel painting: where do
you want to go?

We built an airplane
at snack time.

We made a plane for a craft, too.

Another snack time we
made a train.

Riding bikes is a way to travel also.