Thursday, September 27, 2018

Apple Cooking

The Preschool Bonus Room
put on their chef hats last
week and made special 
creations using apples.
Monday we made Apple Smiles.

Apple slices for the lips and
marshmallows for the teeth.

We cooked applesauce another day.

Apple nachos were on the menu Thursday.

During the week we talked about where apples
grow and which kind is our favorite apple.

Friday we made apple pie in a cup.

One day we made shapes with dough -
did anyone make an apple shape?!?

We "climbed" the apple tree
to work on our balancing skills.

In the gym we played apple-themed games
 to improve our gross-motor skills.

Our table game station.

Painting with water colors in the Art area.

Paging the doctor
to the dress-up center. 

Our first responder from the
First Experience Room!

Dancing in the bubbles.

Song time.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rhythm Sticks

The Preschoolers enjoyed using
the rhythm sticks for music.
The classes got together and did lots of dancing,
moving and listening to the directions for each song.

We all had a lot of fun!!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Great Start

We are getting off to a great start in Pathways!
We honored our country last week
in the Preschool Bonus Room.

We painted patriotic flags.

Another day we marble-painted stars.

Red, white and blue - USA!

Wednesday we used our hands to make frogs.

Paint-It week continued with sponge-
painting to make a lake for our ducks.

Blue day topics included flowers.

V is for Vase!

Having fun in the dress-up center.

Counting with the learning games.

Building in the construction center. 

Our kids in the Preschool Prep Room
are working on an apple craft.

Having a great time in the
First Experience Room!