Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Keeping Cool

We are having a great July - 
keeping cool in the heat and
continuing our summer activities!
How about a popsicle to cool off?

We made these colorful fans to
help beat the heat. 

Sometimes we just like
to dance in the bubbles.

Tuesday we learned about jellyfish.

Sensory mat to see what a
jellyfish might feel like.

Time to make the donuts!

Lunch in the First Experience Room.

Cruisin' around the gym.

Checking out the band.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Happy Campers

This week we set up
 our own campsite, had boat
races and made turtles.
We made our own campfire with our hand prints.

After we built our fire, we gathered
around to tell stories.

Of course we had s'mores by the campfire!

We love camp!
Glow Party!
We made turtles and decorated
with the paint dobbers.

We made boats out of juice boxes.

Boat races in the pool!

Will it sink or will it float?
We put different items in the pool
to see what would happen.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What's Bugging You?

We painted, talked about bugs,
played outside, and continued 
celebrating the 4th of July.
We made bugs with paint and markers.

First, paint was dripped on paper.
Then the paper was folded.

Legs were added to make the spiders.

We continued our painting experiments with
another method: painting in shaving cream.

The kids mixed around the paint and
then pressed on the paper.

Our bug discussions moved
 from spiders to ladybugs.  

These were made with strawberries,
chocolate chips, and Hersheys kisses.

Since we were "cooking" our ladybugs,
we made these cute chef hats.

Everyone wrote their name and decorated the band.

Playing outside.


Showing off our fireworks pictures.