Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sunny Days

We are enjoying our
sunny days at camp!
In the Preschool Bonus Room we talked
about how we spend our days in the sun.

Welcome Summer!

We took the lesson outside and
talked about sun and shade.

Thursday we learned about
warm-weather animals.

We had fun with our obstacle course.


The kids of the First Experience Room
enjoying our new picnic table.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cool Treats

The fun continues at
Summer Camp!
In the Preschool Prep Room we
used fly swatters to paint!

Cooling off with popsicles
at snack time.

We had a sundae bar in
the Preschool Bonus Room.

Everyone loved choosing their ice cream
flavor and lots of toppings!

Tuesday we "went to the beach"
and decorated shells.

Taking turns at the different stations.

If the playground is too hot we have
fun in the shade of the big trees.

Hope our super dads enjoyed
their Super Hero cards!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Summer Camp!

Summer Camp started 
last week and we
are having fun!
The kids from the First Experience Room
are enjoying the nice day!

In the Preschool Bonus Room we
made t-shirts to wear this summer.

Thursday we used our t-shirt
designs to make a book.

On the back we wrote why we
chose the design we picked.

We have some fun new
toys to play with.

In the Preschool Prep Room
we painted with cars.

Here are a few more pictures
from the last week of school.

We made patriotic stars for Memorial Day.

Soaring to new heights!

Cooling off with a popsicle.