Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Last Few Days

 We celebrated the 
end of school with some 
yummy cooking creations. 

We had an ice cream party
on Monday and made frogs.

Tuesday we made boats.  We are 
ready to sail into summer!

Our last day we made English muffin pizzas.

Enjoying our new car track.

Playing Color and Shape Bingo.

Ms. Laurie always brings the fun
when she comes to sub!

Acting out a farm story and
getting ready to "roll in the mud."

It's been a great year!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Thoughts of Summer

 The year is almost over
and we are turning our
thoughts toward Summer.

On Monday we made these
sparkly Rainbow Fish.

Our school of fish!

We painted starfish on Tuesday.

We've seen grasshoppers lately!

The sun is shining bright!

Our canoes are out and
ready for camp to start!

The kids have been reallly
creative with the Magna Tiles!

We had fun in the gym
with the hula hoops!

End-of-the-year fun with friends!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Spring Stories

 We had our last time
of writing stories in
Pathways last week.

Monday we made a book
about Day and Night.

We wrote about what we do at
bedtime and in the morning.

Tuesday we made Bird Books.

Our stories were about what we know
about birds: their nests, birdhouses,
and if we have seen any eggs.

Wednesday we made another type
of bird for our books.

We wrote more about 
birds and also Spring.

Thursday we made Flower Books.
We wrote about the different flowers
we have seen and how flowers grow.

Friday we made
Flowery Tree books.

We wrote about our favorite 
things to do in Spring.

We have been having
a good time out on the