Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Preparing the Feast

Before the break we were
preparing our feast
for the Thanksgiving holiday.
In the Preschool Bonus Activity Room
we made these turkey muffins.

We talked about the meaning of Thanksgiving
and how the holiday got started.

We made tepees as we talked about
how the Native Americans lived.

Talking about turkeys got us talking
 about other birds.

We made these owls and discussed
where they live, when they sleep, etc.

We used various foods to make
owls in different ways.

We fork painted turkeys and wrote on the back
what we are thankful for.

We are thankful for our families!

We learn by working with puzzles.

This is a letter and picture
matching game.

We "built" the letters of our names.

The kids had fun putting on puppet
shows for each other.

Play time!

Color sorting.

Playing with Play-Doh.

Building with blocks.
Play time in the First Experience Room.

Having fun with the cars in the gym.

We have song time every day!

The Preschool Prep Room
is getting ready for Christmas!

Santa is also getting ready for the
big day with a visit to the salon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Pizza Feast

We celebrated Thanksgiving
by having a pizza feast!
We ate so much and gobbled
until we wobbled!!

We hope that all of you have a very
happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2016

We are Thankful

We talked about turkeys, 
Native Americans, owls,
 and most importantly,
what we are thankful for.
Preparing a feast.

Thankful for family and friends.

Thankful for special toys.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Talkin' Turkey

In Pathways we have been
learning about all things Fall!
In the Preschool Bonus Activity Room
we are excited about Thanksgiving!

We painted these turkeys with dobbers.

For painting week we experimented
with all the colors of the rainbow.

Letting our creative juices flow!

Trees were a topic of conversation on
Wednesday: the different types, 
the changing and falling leaves.

We made a trunk and branches with our arm
 and hand and used puffy paint for the leaves.

Are you ready for some football??

We chose green turf or blue sky for our
background and caught the ball 
with our hand prints.

We continued Brown Day activities
 by making acorns.

While making our beautiful creations
we named everything we could think
 of that is BROWN.

We work on letter recognition,
writing our names,
and spelling on a regular basis. 

Practicing writing numbers.

Brown Day learning activities.

The Preschool Prep kids on the playground.

Having a "snack" in the room.

On the job.

At play in the First Experience Room.