Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Field Trips

The preschool classes had
special field trips last week.
The first year classes had a fun
field trip to the Magic House. 
We were able to explore the
preschool area with just our classes.

We colored fishes and scanned
them and they magically appeared
on the walls in one center.  Great artists.

The water room was a "hit". 
Everyone stayed partially "dry".

An educator read us a story about 
seeds and how they grow. 
 We even brought a seed and 
growing sack home to grow 
lima beans at our house.

The Pre-K classes had a fun field
trip to the Science Center.

We learned a lot about
chickens and other birds.

Oviparons was the word of the day!

We even got to see and feed live
chickens at the Science Center Farm.

What a great time!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Preschool Happenings

He is Risen!

The preschoolers enjoyed a visit last
week from the Easter bunny who 
hopped into our rooms to leave us a 
treat in our Easter baskets that we made. 
Since he is so big, when he was 
hopping around he knocked over 
stuff and “ wrecked” our rooms!!

    In science we learned about 
the gravity pull with tornadoes. 

We also talked about where we 
should go if we hear the sirens that 
warn us of an approaching tornado.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter Crafts

Last week we prepared
for Easter in Pathways by 
making some holiday crafts.
We flew into Easter on a plane started from a "J" -
J is for Jesus"!

K is for King.

Our King of Kings has risen!

We created a bunny out of a cone.

Thursday we made bunny masks.

We also colored Easter eggs!

We painted another type of egg, too.

The Preschool Prep Room kids
have enjoyed getting outside lately.

Snack Time!