Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Down by the River

It was another wild water week
in the Adventure Club!
This time we learned
about rivers and lakes.

Tuesday it was all about frogs.

We made this great frog craft.

"Frog on a log" was our snack.

We got the idea for our snack from a book.

We played a "Frog Toss" game.

Here is our River sensory table.

Outside we enjoyed touching
the frog pond water beads.

The best part of water day is playing in the water!

Thursday we learned about ducks!

We made a beautiful mallard duck.

We also made this cute duck cookie for snack.

We had fun playing in the pond
again with the water beads.

Another beautiful, sunny day for water play!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

One Small Step...

We rocketed away last week 
and held our own Space Camp!
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon
landing we studied the moon, rockets and space.

We made a rocket craft.

Then we made a rocket snack.

We also made spaceships.

Here is our spaceship in outer space.

Moon sand was fun to make and touch.

We also did a science experiment with
our own moon rocks.

We watched them fizzle as we
sprinkled vinegar on them.

Here is our space sensory table.

We used Play-Doh to make space shapes.

At the Art Center we made our own creations
 with space stickers and other art supplies.

Check out the Space dress!