Thursday, September 30, 2021

Autumn Authors

 Last week in Pathways
 was our first time
to write books this
school year. The kids
tell us what they want
about a topic and we
write it along with the
craft of the day.

One subject was space.

The kids talked about what 
is in space, would they want
to go to space and would
they want to be an astronaut.

We read stories about the subject
to help get them thinking!

Another day we
made shape trees.

We wrote about our favorite
shape, favorite colors of Fall,
and favorite Fall activity.

During center time the kids
could spend extra time
working on shapes. 

Wednesday we made Acorn Books.

Our stories were about
acorns and what happens
to trees in Fall. 

We also talked about what
animals eat acorns.

Another topic was apples.

What is your favorite apple?
What is your favorite food
that is made with apples?

We like to do puzzles.

It's been great weather to
get outside on the playground.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

All Smiles

 The preschool classes
were all smiles for
Picture Day and
Cooking Day.

We made yummy Applesauce Crunch
for snack on our Cooking Days.

It was warmed up in the oven and
had a familiar taste of apple pie.

All of the preschoolers remembered
to bring their smiles with them to
school for Picture Day!