Friday, April 28, 2017

What's Outside?

Pathways wrote about
bugs, flowers and
other outdoor things!
What is your favorite bug?
We answered that question
in these snail books.

Our favorite flower and favorite color
were discussed in these tulip puzzle books.

N is for Nest! We named all the N words we
could think of in our books this day.

What do you love about spring?
Find out what these kids like in their flower books.

Where do you see shapes around you?
This chick is made of several shapes.

We looked around the room and wrote
what shapes we could see. 

Fun with friends in the gym.

Coloring in the Preschool Prep Room.

Working on our fine motor skills
with straws, noodles, and Play-Doh,

Bubble time in the First Experience Room.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Learning Every Day

We learn every day at Preschool
through many activities!
During school this week we "cooked"
and made banana cookies.
We were very good at cutting up the bananas
and mixing them with crushed cereal.


The Preschoolers had lessons about
taking care of yourself and
learning to make good decisions.

Each and every day is a learning experience.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Magic House

This week we celebrated Purple Day. 
The first year kiddo's went to 
The Magic House for a field trip.
We explored many shapes, textures
and numbers by sorting, coloring,
playing, reading and using our senses.
Purple Day!

Learning at the Magic House.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Feast

We made Easter goodies
last week in Pathways!
He is Risen!
We made crosses out of bread sticks.

Did you know we say a prayer before
our snacks and lunch?

These beautiful crosses were made
by rolling eggs in paint.

Twinkie bunnies!

We decorated eggs several days.

The shaving cream method is a new technique
we used this year to decorate eggs. 

Of course we played in the shaving cream, too!

Group hug!

In the Preschool Prep Room we are
learning shapes and colors.

We are also having fun with our new
counting and stacking cakes.

The kids of the First Experience Room
got outside for the first time this Spring.