Tuesday, May 30, 2023

End of Year in Pathways

 We spent the last week and 
a half in Pathways getting
ready for Summer fun!

We had the ocean on our minds
when we made these shark puppets.

We painted whales another
day for our ocean adventures.

This ocean scene has a
dolphin jumping in the waves.

Look out - shark!

We blow-painted the spout of
our whale on the last Friday.

Our last week we were
thinking about Memorial Day
and more Summer fun with
these ice cream cones.

Who needs a big
glass of lemonade?

We painted lemons with lemons!

How 'bout a popsicle to cool
down on a hot day?

We had actual popsicles after making
our popsicle craft!

Friends :)

Playing outside on the
nice days we've been having.

We've had a great year!

May I present...your After Care Rock Band!

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