Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Art, Science & Religion

We covered lots of
different topics in 
Preschool this week! 

We worked very hard painting
 an art project that will be
 on display at Open House.

We are hoping to be able to share
 an evening in February with our
 Preschool families and friends.
Date and time to be determined.
We hope to see a lot of our
special people!

We always love to have tablet time!
Makes the learning fun.

Boys being "buds".  Playtime is a
great way to make friends.

Our science experiment this month
was a "smelly good time".

We smelled four different items
and guessed what they were.

Some were certainly better
 smelling than others!!

Pastor Nick and Mr. Justin
 led us in chapel. 

We learned of Jesus' great
love for us!

We are so lucky!

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