Thursday, November 4, 2021

Fall Fables

 October stories were
written last week in 
Pathways for our
monthly Book Week.

D is for Dog!

The story inside this book
was about the dog or pet
at home or that they want.

Tuesday we made bats in the cave.

Our book told what we 
know about bats.

Where do they live?
What do they eat?
Have you seen one
hanging upside down?

"Stellaluna" was read at story time.

Wednesday we made
candy apples.

Inside we wrote about
our favorite candy or what
 we were for Halloween.

Thursday in our Pumpkin
Books we talked about what's
inside a pumpkin and what
 you can do with pumpkins.

Friday we also made pumpkin
We wrote about if the kids had
been to the pumpkin patch,
if they were carving their
pumpkin and their favorite
part of Halloween. 

Super hero party.

Counting and working on
fine motor skills.

Free Art time.

Running races in the gym.

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